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(C) 2019 Miami University College of Creative Arts, All Rights Reserved

Geo-mapping Visualization

Elizabeth Dirska (digital artist),

Ben Smith (mobile / web developer),

Eric Hodgson, PhD (project lead)

Use your smartphone to be part of the art!

Project Description

This project utilizes GPS tracking to let those on Miami's campus during the exhibit collaboratively explore the campus to progressively reveal a digital canvas containing student-made artwork.  The more of the campus is explored, and the more each paths are re-visited, the more of the image will be revealed.  The piece aggregates data from cell-phone location data on campus (for those who opt-in), and transforms their physical travel into brush-strokes across the digital canvas.  The piece will be viewable online, and shown on various displays around campus during the event.

To begin, follow the instructions below. The app must be down loaded on your smart device before clicking on the URL. Desktop devices will not work properly.

1. Download the Expo Client Productivity app from the App Store. (Tap here for iOS) | (Tap here for Google Play)


2. Sign into the Artecha Account using the following log in information:

Username: geo-artecha

Password: artecha

3. Under Published Projects, select the one called IMS-Artecha (only one)

4. When app launches press "Begin." Once the green text appears, the background tracking has begun and the app may be left. Remember to leave the app running in the background.

5. The project is limited to most of Miami's main campus North of the Recreation Center/Harris Drive and South of High Street.











Tap the button below to access the visualizer

and see the project working in real time




Artist's statement

Miami University is a beautiful, old campus, abounding with trees and red brick buildings.  But more than that, Miami is made up of countless people who have tread the same grounds for over 200 hundred years, living and learning and journeying together.  Just as time and space unfold before us, this piece gradually reveals itself through the navigation of the viewers.  It cannot be revealed and seen by a single viewer, but emerges as a result of our combined travels and experiences.  It reflects our community journeying through time and space... together as Miamians.

To learn more about tracking and data management for this project, tap the button below.