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Project, Animate, Activate

Student work in projection mapping & animation

Video projection and animation

May 3rd &  4th, 6:00pm to 10:30pm

Alumni Hall Rotunda


This show showcases recent student work from the Department of Art exploring projection mapping and animation. Representing student work both at the beginning and later stages of students' studies in art at Miami, the works included in this exhibition demonstrate how technology is interwoven into the art curriculum. Projects range from the abstract to the whimsical and illustrate the diversity of directions students take their work in their studies at Miami.

Projection mapping projects were selected from classwork completed in Art 103: Creative Technology by Tracy Featherstone, Professor of Art. Animations were selected among students of Joomi Chung, Associate Professor of Art. 


Artists Included


Single artist projects:

Emma Wiersma 

Emma Murray 

MBea Hosenfeld

Hannah Martin


Collaborative group:

Kayla Dooley

Evelyn McLean

Maggie McLaughlin


Wanjun Bei, Rachel Cabosky, Selina Davis, Ben Dysart, Brad Harris, Andrew Howard, Jeremia Johnson, Jada Jones, Lauren Leibold, Hyacinth Li, Austin Lutz, Nikki McGlosson, Tom Myers, Jenny Nieman, Kevin Phaup, David Polcar, Yao Ruowang, Lauren Smith, Ben Warner, and Sophie Wolber.